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I wish that people would take the time to look at a bloody map once in a while....

Sendai was the biggest metropolitan area and the only major city to be affected by the March 11, 2011 earthquake in Japan. I'm sure some people remember the scenes of the airport being completely washed out by the tsunami and things.

But it's not the source of 'radiation'. The Fukushimi Dai-ichi nuclear power plant is located about 85km south/south-west of the city. Moreever, because of wind and sea currents during the time the power plant was leaking serious crap, Sendai was affected far less than areas to the south/SE of the power plant, such as Ibaraki prefecture.

(Also, no one in Japan calls it the "Sendai Earthquake". Only parts of the overseas media did. The official name is the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (東日本大震災) but most people call it the great Tohoku earthquake (東北大震災) because it hit the eastern or Pacific side of the region.)

See this page on the Tohoku University website. Note the last updated date is April 28, 2011: Tohoku university school of medicine

The city has recovered very well, probably better than some more rural areas in the region so far, although there is still work to be done. This blog 3/11 仙台空港 - 山西道楽日誌~趣味の日々~ has several photos of how the airport looks 2years after it was virtually destroyed. It is however operating normally. These are photos of the airport taken within the last couple of months.

This is how it looked 2+ years ago, unless we forget.

  Just some random images from life in the city since the earthquake.

A view from the AER observation deck in the main Sendai station in March (KIRIMURA's Web site):

Cherry blossoms along Sendai-bori, a canal built in the Edo period.

Ceremony for new students held at Tohoku University (Japanese schools have a ceremony for new entering students as well as a graduation ceremony)

Future football (soccer) stars of Japan

Random samurai! (This is a kind of costume show for tourists)

Aoba-matsuri, a festival held in May (photo is from last year's festival since it's taking place now-ish)

People enjoying the mame-maki (scattering of beans) on Setsubun in February at Ohsaki Hachimanguu shrine. (the beans are scattered to drive out evil and bring in good luck.)
Who do you trust to give you accurate information about radiation levels and what is harmful?


All about Japan: the weird and strange question...


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